Website companies are great at building beautiful websites. Here in the Waikato we have some of the best website companies building some of the greatest websites ever. Websites are their focus, that’s what they do best. But sometimes they are too busy building websites to worry about other things, like website and email hosting.

Host88 has been setup by Adam Crouchley, the founder of one of the greatest digital marketing companies that the Waikato has ever seen – Dori Media.

With a love for WordPress websites Adam has recently launched Host88, a dedicated WordPress website hosting platform. Specialising in WordPress website hosting means updates are done regularly, security is kept tight and backups are taken regularly.

In the past WordPress websites have had a reputation for being hacked, but this is only because it’s such an easy content management system to use, almost anyone can install it and build a really basic website. But those people who don;t know too much about websites and security forget to do updates, backups and security. It’s their websites that get hacked first.

The focus of Host88 is to provide a dedicated hosting service with one goal – fast, reliable and secure website hosting.