We don’t own servers.

The websites we host are stored on servers that we manage. But, not all servers are the same.

We don’t specialise in graphic design. We don’t specialise in signwriting. We specialise in providing our customers with the BEST WordPress website hosting available.

Because we’ve been in the industry for a long time, we know what makes a hosting environment work great, and we know what doesn’t.

The Shared Server

Here’s why shared hosting is a worry: Shared hosting is generally cheap, because there are lots of small websites all in one place. The problem is, most WordPress websites aren’t kept up to date. Once the software is out of date, hackers can get in and gain access to all the websites on that server, even those that are up to date

We can host your website on our shared server. This is a cheap, reliable place to store your WordPress website. The beauty of our shared server is that we manage ALL of the WordPress websites that are on the server, so we know that they are all up to date, secure and backed up.

Our solution: We manage all the websites updates. So, all the websites that are on our server are updated regularly so that hackers can’t get in and pull your website and emails down. This is the solid, reliable solution for hosting your website and emails.

Hosting WordPress websites on our Shared Server starts at $30.00 per month.

The Boss Server

Here’s the problem with big websites: WordPress websites are great, but sometimes they can get slow. If your website is using lots of plugins with ecommerce, lots of traffic, pictures, javascripts, stylesheets, widgets, bla bla bla… it’ll probably run slow.

Our solution: We’ve put together what we think is the ULTIMATE WordPress hosting system. Your website will be hosted on a grunty machine, with a stack of tools set up behind the scenes to ensure your website is running as fast as possible. We also include huge amounts of security and backups to ensure your data is safe and secure, ensuring your website doesn’t go down.

Hosting WordPress websites on our Boss Server starts at $60.00 per month.